SK C&C ( announced on June 11 that it had received the highest rating at the 2013 Win-Win Index Evaluation organized by the National Commission for Corporate Partnership.

This year’s Win-win Index Evaluation assessed 109 domestic companies, up from 74 in 2012, and only 13 of them, or 13%, received the highest rating

The annual Win-win Index is released by NCCP based on assessments on how large corporations shared their growth with their subcontractors, by giving them a four-level rating scale from poor, fair, and good to great. This year the rating scales were changed to fair, good, great, and excellent, to encourage their voluntary participation.



“The excellent rating was given thanks to SK C&C’s efforts to develop and execute tailored shared-growth programs that actually work, which stamped out the Gap-eul culture, or Korea’s unfair contractor-to-subcontractor relationship and provided fair treatment for all business partners equally,” said one of the SK C&C employees.

The rating is given to businesses that are recognized for their across-the-board commitment to and practice of shared-growth with partners by ensuring fair business transactions, promoting cooperation in funding/R&D/manufacturing, complying with Fair Trade agreement and supporting win-win growth.

SK C&C has also put shared-growth activities to practice, which include establishment of a voluntary fair trade system, forming of a subcontracting review committee, and preservation of written contracts and documents associated with subcontract deals. 

SK C&C has also provided ways to improve partners’ business capabilities by sharing SK C&C’s IT development methodologies and offering various IT-related training courses and field training sessions.

Moreover, SK C&C adopted various shared-growth programs that were well received by the partners, which includes, in particular, running of a business partner lounge where partners or their employees can visit SK C&C and have meetings at any desired hours.

In addition, within the internal procurement system, SK C&C created a business information sharing community, through which SK C&C and the business partners can mutually cooperate.

All members of SK C&C, from the CEO and executives to general employees, are fully aware of the importance of forging a sincere relationship with business partners. In that respect, CEO hosts various shared-growth seminars and conducts MBWA visiting the partners and promoting discussions between the partners and the business divisions within to strengthen communication and resolve any issues.

For more heightened ethics management practices, SK C&C bans acceptance of all forms of financial or material benefits, including customary congratulations and condolences and seasonal gifts, from business partners, which are asked not to offer such favors.

Vice President Kim Byung-du, head of Procurement Division at SK C&C, said, “Forging a win-win partnership with our business partners is the key to sustainable growth and creating market- and customer-centered values. And we will continue to implement various share-growth programs based on absolute trust.”