SK C&C ( announced on Jan. 6 that it had won the bid to provide Maeil Dairy Industry with total IT outsourcing services.

By winning this IT outsourcing bid, SK C&C now has 39 domestic and international IT outsourcing clients, reaffirming its dominant position in IT outsourcing.

SK C&C offers IT outsourcing services to KB Bank, Korea Development Bank (KDB), Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), Global Education Media Group (EBS), Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) and other clients in public, financial, manufacturing and service industries among others.

For the next five years, through its IT outsourcing service solution ‘TOMS,’ SK C&C will be managing all of Maeil’s IT resources, including key systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERM), supply chain management (SCM) systems, partner relationship management (PRM) system and farm management system; IT infrastructure, such as server, storage, network, and security equipment, devices and systems; and network lines.

TOMS offers IT service level management to the clients through mapping of services and their basic components and IT and human resources optimization through mission priority analysis. SK C&C plans to improve work productivity and efficiency using TOM’s database performance manager PD-Master and code inspecting solution Code-Inspector.

SK C&C, simultaneously with IT outsourcing services, will provide diagnosis and assessment on major systems, including ERP, SCM and PRM, through information strategy planning, offering ways to diagnose IT infrastructure environments and reduce total cost of ownership, or TCO.

“SK C&C will help Maeil respond timely to the changing market landscape, achieve growth and create value for customers through this IT outsourcing,” said General Manager Lee Mun-jin, head of Strategic Business Team. He also added, “SK C&C will be the strategic IT partner for Maeil who will support their stable business operations and continuous innovation.”